Damn Good Reasons to Work with a Business Coach in Lockdown

Sarah Walker – Business Coach. Photo credit: esmebuxton.com

COVID 19 and this lockdown has left a lot of us having to ‘pivot’ as they say.  Maybe you have been made redundant or you have had to close your business down on a temporary basis and now you are looking to reset your business or perhaps adapt to do something else.  Then it might be the perfect time for you to invest in working with a Business Coach.

I am a Life Coach as well as a Business Coach so I am very well experienced in supporting people with their businesses.  I have also volunteered over the last couple of years as a Business Mentor for the Prince’s Trust.  With my 20 plus years of marketing and business experience, I am the perfect coach ‘or Champion’ that you can hire to work with you and to support you on the way of resetting or relaunching your business at this difficult time. Or maybe you have managed to do very well throughout lockdown and now you want to grow your business. 

This blog feature just pulls out a few reasons why you should look to work with a Business Coach:

+ It’s times like this, with the Recession ‘tsunami’ about to hit, it really is the time to get creative.  Is your business ready and nimble to ride this wave and exceed and thrive?  So investing some money and time now, to work with a coach can support you in your creative brainstorming and coming up with ideas to support your business plans.  I am incredibly creative and love working with business owners to review and develop their businesses.

+ It’s time to get ACCOUNTABLE.  It is a time where you could take it easy and enjoy the slowdown of lockdown but it is also a time where you have some head space to really think about your future business and what you really want it to look like.  What are your dreams and ambitions?  I can work with you to keep you accountable and help you on your journey to success.

+ A coach will always maintain their objectively and support you.  We are not involved in your life so we have no agenda on what you decide to do next.  Honesty is the only way and you can work with someone like me to discuss your business challenges, what was wrong with your past business and what you might like to change in the future version of it.  One can see this pandemic as a time to pause, review and work out – what do you REALLY want your future business to look like?  Do you hate something that you look after that you had to do but now you could perhaps not include this in the ‘new business plans’ or outsource this to a VA.  

+ I am a strategic marketing and new business expert and therefore I can support you across your business but I can also give you a lot of support across the marketing mix and your new business strategy.  We can review your marketing and sales objectives, strategies and tactics and discuss them to see if they are still relevant and whether you need to ‘pivot’ and adjust your plans accordingly.

+ I am a friendly and honest coach with a lot of experience in coaching people.  Here’s a quote from one of my past clients – Anne from My Interior Design School; “Sarah is a fabulous coach, mentor and inspirer rolled into one!  She has the ability to understand your business aims and objectives very quickly and then support you and guide you to achieve them and help your business grow.  Sarah has had a really positive impact on our business.  If you are looking for motivation, a change in direction or want to expand, I would urge you to get in touch with Sarah today.”

So if you are interested in working with me in a business coaching capacity then email me on sarah@arboricoaching.co.uk and I can send you a copy of my business session short questionnaire which we will go through at your free Skype initial consultation. 

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