Living your Life Aligning with Natures Cycles Part 1

Harvest time – Sarah Walker

As most of you will know that it was the Summer Solstice last weekend and therefore the longest day of the year.  This reminded me about the importance of living and aligning your life to the cycles that happen in nature.  Back in 2018, I went to a talk at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham where I was introduced to the pagan tradition of the ‘Wheel of the Year.’ I had heard obviously about the different pagan festivals but this talk really opened my eyes about the concept about aligning how you live your day to day life.  Since learning about this, I feel more in ‘flow’ with nature’s ebbs and flows and I would say happier in general.

So for this blog, I wanted to share a bit more about the rest of 2020 and share some inspiration with you about following nature and living a life more in flow.

Summer Solstice (June 20th – 22nd)

As you probably know that this time makes the longest day and this solstice acts as a gentle reminder that the nights will soon be drawing in and we should welcome our power and stand strong.  We have worked hard since Spring and this time is a key time to be productive and get your task completed – as the hours of daylight are at the longest, it is the time to get everything done and also allow yourself to play, create and be present and know that the harvest is near.

Lammas (July 31st – August 2nd)

This is the time of the first harvest and it’s the time to prepare to reap what you have sown.  We should share with others the first fruits of our labour and to be thankful for the people around us.  Can you know bring a harvest in from the work you have been doing over the last few months since Spring?  It’s the time to see the fruits of your labour.

Autumn Equinox (September 21st – 23rd)

This is the time of the year when the day and night are of equal length and it’s the time to harvest.  So this is the busy time of the year where you collect your crops in and get rid of anything that isn’t needed and rotten.  So it’s the time to reflect on your harvest and evaluate how you have done this year.  Perhaps look closely at your life and consider what needs to be changed and shifted in preparation for the forthcoming winter months.  It is also a good time to bring back balance in your life and start laying some reserves of energy down, again in preparation for the winter that is to come.

Samhain (October 31st – November 2nd)

This is the time for death and rebirth, clearing and cleansing and it’s the festival of acceptance and surrender.  Our ancestors had gathered the harvest and were getting ready to bed down for the winter months ahead.  And this is the autumn time when the trees are starting to shed their leaves so it is a great time for us to reflect on our lives and for us to decide what we are going to let go to clear the way for new growth.  It’s time to prepare to nurture yourself to get ready for the upcoming winter months.

Winter Solstice (December 21st 3 days)

This is one of the two occasions in the year when the sun appears to rise and set in the same location for the 3 days in a row, with the sun appearing to be reborn and it’s the time our ancestors focused on feasting. It really is the time to enjoy the company of your family and friends and to slow things down.  We obviously have the pressure of the commercially driven Christmas period but it is a good time to try to resist the stress of this time and to live at a slower pace of life.

The days are cold and the nights are colder and it really is the time to rest and conserve our energy.  Nothing is happening above the ground in nature and we can align to this and take this as a time to reflect on our lives and business and life plans and perhaps journal our ideas but not put those ideas into action.  Knowing that the days will get brighter and we have reserved our energy for the coming Spring productive months.

I don’t know about you but this just makes a lot of sense to me, in the past when I have pushed through being super productive in the winter months, it doesn’t always feel like you are in flow.  Perhaps you can reflect on your patterns and are you aligning with the flow of nature and if not, what can you do to align with them a little more?  Why not keep a journal and see how you get on with aligning with these cycles. 

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