Tips for Building Resilience in these Challenging COVID Times

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You probably have heard a lot about resilience and building it over the last few months.  So what is it, why is it important and how can we work on building more of it in these troubling times? 

Resilience can be defined as having the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. It truly is about your reaction to the adversity experienced, not the actual adversity itself that determines how your life story will unfold. Alain de Botton famously said “A good half of the art of living is resilience.”

So why is having resilience so important in lockdown and for the rest of 2020?  Fundamentally, it helps us to maintain balance in our lives, especially when we are living through such stressful times.  Some people have lost their jobs in lockdown, a lot of people have been coping with home schooling for a good few months and we are living under the threat of a second spike of COVID-19 as well as a recession looming on the economic horizon, so building and maintaining resilience is essential for us all.  It is also important to us as it enables us to develop mechanisms to protect us against experiences that could be truly overwhelming and ultimately having resilience will protect us from the development of mental health illness and difficulties.

So I think it is pretty obvious that working on our resilience in 2020 is a pretty vital thing to do to ensure our on going wellbeing and setting us up for being able to deal with whatever is to come.

So here are a few tips on how you can look to build more resilience in your life:

+  Accept that change is inevitable and is part of life – Life might not be exactly be how you planned it at the moment and perhaps certain goals you had set earlier in the year, like job promotions, saving money or fitness improvements, haven’t been attainable now.  Accepting these circumstances that you can’t control and focusing on the ones you can alter will help build your resilience.

+ Take care of yourself – It has never been more important than to look after yourself and stay well and healthy at this current time.  Make sure you take part in exercise – physically and mentally on a regularly basis and pick something that you enjoy doing and you don’t feel is a chore.  Keeping well will help you deal with any circumstances that are thrown at you.  Going for that walk or run in the park or the countryside will really help you stay strong and resilient.

+ Look out for opportunities for self-discovery – It has been such a challenging time for us all but something good can come out of something bad. We often learn something about ourselves through times like lockdown and we can identify how we might have grown personally as a result of our struggles. We can often gain more self-awareness about ourselves, our relationships and we can gain a heightened appreciation of how we can cope with situations and how strong we can be.

+ Maintain and build connections – We have all been zooming our friends and family and have been enjoying socially distanced catch ups since lockdown has been easing.  But it’s even more important to maintain and continue building relationships and if you need support from them, asking for help and accepting their support.  And if you have found new local social groups, then do try and keep these connections up as helping others will also build your happiness as well as resilience.

+ Maintain a hopeful and positive outlook – Developing and maintaining an optimistic outlook enables you to expect that good things with happen in your life.  Rather than focusing on the negative elements of the lockdown, try focusing on what is positive in your day.  Also visualising what you want to come into your life, feels a lot more positive than focusing on what you have lost and worrying about your fears.

I hope these few tips can help you to build your resilience and help you thrive rather than survive through 2020 and beyond.  The key really is to identify what will work for you to ensure you build your resilience levels and maintain them.

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