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So this blog is a bit of fun really.  I thought what could I write about this week and I came up with doing an A to Z of Arbori Coaching.  Hopefully it provides a bit of a light hearted but informative list of things that are important to me when it comes to my coaching style and what my clients get out of the experience.

A is for ACCOUNTABILITY – A fundamental outcome for my clients to ensure that I keep them accountable for their actions and goals on their coaching journey.

B is for BUSINESS – After a degree in Business and Marketing and 20 plus years working in business and marketing, I count myself as a highly experienced business coach. I love to support my clients with their business planning and help them build their business and their dreams.

C is for CHAMPION – I see myself as my client’s champion.  I will hold your hand along the pathway of life/your business journey and I will be there to champion you and support you on your important journey.

D is for DOWN TO EARTH – A lot of my clients would describe my coaching style as ‘down to earth’.  I am real and I will hold the space for you to do the work you need to do but let’s have an enjoyable experience while we are doing it.

E is for EXTERNAL FACTORS – Is your happiness dependent on external factors?  Most peoples is fundamentally and I will work with you to ensure that whatever is going on externally, you can be happy internally.

F is for FLEXIBILITY – I would say that the coaching experience with me can be pretty flexible as they are your sessions and you need to make them work for you.  A lot of my clients switch between business and life coaching, depending on what they need at the time.  As long as you define what you need, I am very happy to be flexible with my coaching style.

G is for GOALS – Setting goals is an essential part of working with a life or business coach.  Agreeing goals will ensure we keep you on track and eventually start living the life that you want or building that dream business.

H is for HONESTY – I am a pretty honest and direct person.  That is what most of my friends and family say about me and this does spill over into my coaching practice.  I will support you and I will commit to being honest with you and sometimes you might not want to hear what I have to say but coaching is about self-development and moving forward and I will certainly help you do that in a supportive and honest environment.

I is for INTUITIVE – I am an intuitive person and my coaching style does sit in this area.  I like to be in the moment, actively listening to you and I will rely on my intuition to help guide me with the questions I need to ask you to help you move forward.  Having your intuition turned up is truly an important gift that we all can work on.

J is for JOURNALING – Journaling is a proven tool in my coaching toolbox that I often suggest to my clients.  I have kept a gratitude journal for quite a few years now and setting my day up journaling what I am grateful for on that day, really does help set my positive mindset up for the day. 

K is for KINDNESS – Kindness is such an important quality and value in life and often we can only think about it in the context of being kind to others.  The one thing that comes up a lot with my clients is being kind to themselves.  Many people struggle with this but this is truly the starting point for true self confidence and worth.  Start being kind to yourself today!

L is for LIMITING BELIEFS – Limiting beliefs are really the thing that seem to hold most of us back.  A limiting belief is something that we believe to be true about ourselves or about our lives that shape and limit how we live. When you find out what that limiting belief is and re-define this, it can be where a lot of people really make fundamental change.

M is for MOTIVATION – Motivation is a key reason why a lot of people work with a coach. People often struggle to stay motivated and accountable when they are working on their own so I promise that I will support you, motivate you and keep you accountability to meet your life or business plans.

N is for NATURE’S CYCLES –This is something that I have recently started working with and it really does make sense.  I have written a recent blog on this so check it out.

O is for OBJECTIVE – Having a coach gives you someone to work with that is objective. Often people talk to their partners or family or friends but all of these people have involvement in your life.  I am objective and I have no invested ideas about your outcomes. 

P is for PRIORITISING – Prioritising is so important when working out your values, your objectives or what actions you want to progress.  Sometimes it’s hard to prioritise your time and resource but the coaching experience can support you in developing this skill.

Q is for QUESTIONS – Coaching is about asking good questions.  I pride myself on being in the moment and asking good but challenging questions that will help you to move your coaching journey forward. 

R is for RE-DESIGN – I belief that everyone can re-design their life, whoever they are.  It may take time and effort but it really is important for you to live your best life and working with me, can help you re-design your life so you are living your best life.

S is for STRATEGY – I am an experienced strategic marketer and business person so I will work with you to ensure we develop strategies that you can work towards and build and grow to meet your business goals.

T is for TRANSFORMATIONAL – Transformational coaching is the type of life coaching I practice and my diploma is gained via the Animas Coaching company that focus on this coaching style.  We work on helping you live a better life and make changes in your life that you desire but we also focus on working with clients to change the way they see themselves.

U is for UGLY FROG – The ugly frog theory is to pick the big ‘horrible’ task to do first (which you have been putting off) and then when you manage to achieve it you will feel great about your achievement and you will generally be more efficient in your actions.

V is for VALUES – Values are probably one of the most important things a person can work out.  When you work out what your fundamental values are and then change your life to align with them, your life becomes happier and easier.

W is for WORK LIFE BALANCE – This is one of the most popular things that I work with my clients on.  Most people struggle to achieve a good work life balance but it is important to be honest with yourself and when you do manage to get a good balance, life is better.

X is for EXCITING – I love what I do and I do get excited to support and help my clients either dream up and build a business or build a life that they love.  It is really important to my values to support others and contribute to society so coaching you is very exciting to me.

Y is for YOGA – Yoga is a way of life that is very important to me.  It supports me in my life everyday and I have learnt so much from my yogic experience over the past 15 years.  Best not get me on the subject as I will bore you to death about it but it really should be on the curriculum!

Z is for ZERO REGRET – I like to live my life with zero regret and I really belief that everyone can build a life or business that they love and then if it doesn’t work or something happens then you have given it a go.  I don’t think any of us want to sit there when we are in our 80’s and have regrets that we didn’t give something a go.

I hope this was an informative article for you and if you are interested in working with me then do please call me on 0771 363 1565 or email me on sarah@arboricoaching.co.uk.

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