Am I Closest to Nature or God? – Free Writing Explored

Hiding in the long grass at Sharpham Trust
Hiding in the long grass at Sharpham Trust

I have recently been on a summer mindfulness retreat at Sharpham Trust in Devon and it was a lovely five days of mindfulness and nurturing. I really enjoyed the opportunity to deepen my creative writing through various free writing workshops whilst I was there.

I have been free writing my journal and my gratitude journal for a while now but through going through these workshops I discovered and deepened my creativity.  At first, I just detailed my thoughts and found some flow and then after two short free writing exercises I then felt like my creativity started flowing and I enjoyed writing some nice pieces.  Here is something I wrote on the 20th August 2020 and I felt like I wanted to share this on my blog.


I will pick nature as this is my god in a way.

Nature is powerful and forceful, and I often have moments when I feel close to it.

We had a mindful walk to the river this morning and we ended up sitting in a field next to the river.  I lay down starring at the clouds with the long grasses hiding me from the group and I felt close and connect to the power that is nature.

Nature is the clouds being pushed along by the wind.

The grasses playing a dance in the breeze.

The river being strong and forcing its way through the valley.

Nature was close to me and I was close to nature.

I hugged a beautiful tree that was standing proudly watching over the river. 

The tree rooted in the landscape, proud and beautiful with all its lichen and moss on the bark.

It felt powerful but grounded to connect to its roots.

I am close to nature all the time.  I just need to take the time to engage and feel it. 

Whether it’s watching a feather float by, picking a leaf up off the ground that came to say hello or watching a butterfly flutter by. 

Nature is close and is my god.

It gives me love, guidance and helps me stay in the flow.

Nature reminds me when to rest, when to enjoy the harvest and when to be amongst it.

The trees call me to be with them.  I stand amongst them. With my feet rooting into the green, green grass.

My hands and arms are the branches growing up to balance me and to protect me.

I dance with the wind.  I am nature and nature is my god.

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