Arbori is latin for trees – I have always had an affinity to trees so calling my coaching company Arbori Coaching just felt right. I will help you and your team stay grounded and hold your hand and walk through the path that is life.

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I recently came to coaching after experiencing my own major burn out.  I really did think I was superwomen and I pushed through all my body’s signals telling me to stop and that things weren’t aligned.  I pushed through which ultimately lead to adrenal burnout as well as major health issues where I experienced my legs and feet going numb and I had to have an emergency operation on my back which literally stopped me in my tracks. This is the time where I found coaching and having my own coach helped me to build together the picture of the future I wanted.  After building my own life vision, I then found Animas Coaching Company and then completed a Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching.

My vision has been to build a career and life that I love and truly aligns with my values.  I now have a career that combines coaching people, supporting businesses flourish and mentoring young people. It’s certainly not been the easiest of journeys but I am living a full and happy life.  Balance is something I work out everyday and I always say I am a work-in-progress.

I am a trained yoga teacher and have passion for mindfulness and well-being. I am a keen tree hugger and hiker and moved to the Cotswolds so I could be close to beautiful countryside as well as to be closer to my family (who live in the West Midlands).

I am always developing myself and learning about new ways of maintaining my own balance in life, whatever life throws at me.  I am currently looking at combining my passion for the outdoors with mindfulness and I am planning to run mindfulness walks as well as have coaching sessions amongst the trees (weather permitting obviously!).

I am passionate about sharing my own life experiences and challenges with a wider group of people. Helping them build and develop their own life skills, avoiding burn out and allowing them to live a healthier and more balanced life.

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