Transformational Life Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching is about supporting you to make those life changes that you want to make. Whether you want to make a change in your job or life, perhaps you are looking to become healthier or you might be getting over an illness. Whatever your path, then coaching could be for you.


Let me be your Coach with my unique coaching style. I will hold space for you and listen with respect and in total confidence. It’s your session, so I will ask you questions to help you dig out your own solutions and next steps. My coaching style is quite down to earth but always from the heart, intuitive and totally supportive. I do have a passion in mindfulness, yoga and general well-being as well as aligning with nature which can influence my style.

Alison McDougal

“Sarah’s coaching is transformational, motivational, refreshingly relaxed, a unique blend of motivational coaching as well as guiding her client to listen to their internal instinct. It’s bloody powerful that is what it is!! She also has a way of helping me question stuff and for me to come up with my own solutions. Definitely a positive and fulfilling experience.”

Alison McDougal – Alison.Style

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