Group Coaching & Well-being Sessions

I am passionate about ensuring that all people whatever their seniority in an organisation, get to experience coaching and what a coaching environment feels like. With that in mind, I am looking to work with individuals and organisations on supporting them to build that coaching environment, where all team members feel respected, appreciated and listened to.

I bring my wealth of coaching experience alongside my knowledge and passion for well-being to help every person I meet become the best person they can be. Whether you are looking for a session working on your team’s well-being or a series of sessions supporting them to achieve a healthier work life balance. I can help you deliver all of these with passion and empathy. I will bring my own challenging experiences alongside my down to earth approach to connect with all the group members leaving you with a happier and more balanced team and ultimately more productive.

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“We have worked with Sarah and her coaching services on three occasions to help our staff teams and colleagues understand the practice of well-being and mindfulness.

Sarah take time to understand the needs of the audience beforehand and can deliver sessions which really resonate and engage with her audience. Using a mix of styles, the participative sessions really helped our staff understand what they can do and how to overcome some personal obstacles they are facing.

I would recommend Sarah and the coaching sessions to anyone undergoing a significant change in their life or workplace as they help you understand priorities and importance of balance.”

Dewi Prichard-Jones – Prince’s Trust

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